The Sacred Living Center offers a mobile interactive healing portal that is ready to activate your private event, retreat, gathering, or festival anywhere on the West Coast. Our offering has several potential configurations featuring solar-powered trailers handcrafted into sacred spaces.

This unique set up is the high vibrational plug-and-play ambiance that will take your event to the next level. The Sensorium (with or without the additional Chill Lounge) and Sauna are available either individually or together. Get in touch to find out how you can bring this experience to your event!


The Sensorium is a vibroacoustic therapy chamber that offers participants a full body sonic journey, enriching the senses with an array of holistic wellness modalities. This space is a truly original design combining the powers ancient healing wisdom with modern technology. This multisensory experience elicits deeply regenerative states within the body, cultivates peace of mind, and opens the inner gateways of one’s innate galactic potential.

The Sensorium is operated by a team of holistic wellness practitioners led by its designer Nathan Tinder. Our crew of massage therapists and full-spectrum sound healers can program automated sessions on the tactile, bass-infused healing table and also can customize private sessions. The healing space is crystal-gridded, with surround-sound speakers. There are four 15” subwoofers and multiple tactile transducers that harmonically vibrate a massage table, sending resonant tones throughout the body. The vibroacoustic therapy synergizes perfectly with chromatherapy, crystal therapy, aromatherapy, (taste therapy) and healing touch to simultaneously bliss every part of you.

The Sensorium is climate-controlled and self-sufficient in its operations, able to provide an immediate sanctuary for deep meditative self-awareness. Imagine the special form of support this could offer to your group’s gathering… when everyone has the opportunity to receive such potent harmonic energy there is a layer of coherence that uplifts the whole collective field!


This a 10x20 squish zone with long, low tea table and tea service.


The Sauna is a cedar-lined cargo trailer with a wood burning stove. The custom stove has rocks on top that make it functional for either a wet or dry sauna experience. Inside there are two levels of benches that seat up to 12 people at one time. The Sauna’s entryway attractively combines a dressing room area and a fully functional kitchenette. We like to have tea service and fresh water available to make sure everyone is properly hydrated while detoxing in the Sauna. There is an outdoor shower that can be partitioned of the rear of the sauna, and a large tub that can be filled for a cold plunge to maximize cleansing benefits with hot/cold polarity therapy.


Choose from any of these packages to book your reservation (if viewing on mobile, please click arrow to see # of crew included with each footprint). Please contact us with questions, to discuss rates or to check booking availability.

FOOTPRINT # of Crew Included
The Sensorium 2-3
The Sensorium and Chill Lounge 3
The Sauna 4
The Full Package! Sensorium, Sauna, and Chill Lounge 6