Sacred Living Center is a group of therapists, coaches and wellness practitioners dedicated to creating space for your healing. Our belief is that it is everyone's birthright to know their own sacred living center within.

Sacred Living Center is the collective vision of Shannon and Nathan Tinder, a dream that began on an Arizonan mountainside while harvesting wild oats. The two have journeyed together through marriage, children and homesteading to now share their hearts’ passions with the world in the container of the Sacred Living Center. The vision is that everyone may find their innate radiance within their center. They offer intuitive, passionate, heart-centered space for you to unfold into your greatest true self.



Shannon's Services:

Womb Wellness Care

Biofield Tuning

Nurturing Massage

Pregnancy Massage

Prosperity Tuning

Shannon’s offerings are a culmination of deep nurturing massage, womb care and vibrational balancing, helping heal from the outside in to the inside out.

Shannon Tinder is a Licensed Massage Therapist, Holistic Pelvic Care Practitioner, Biofield Tuning Practitioner, and Nutritional Herbalist offering deeply intuitive, therapeutic care.

Shannon has created her own full-spectrum educational path through her life-long continual pursuit of health and wellness, beginning with herbalism at the Northwest School for Botanical Studies in Arcata, CA in 2001. Alongside these studies, she was initiated into Reiki energy healing with ultimately becoming a Reiki Master and as well, training in other intuitive hands-on energy healing. In 2003-2005, Shannon attended the Southwest Institute of Healing Arts in Tempe, Arizona, learning a variety of massage modalities, specializing in Craniosacral Unwinding and Polarity Therapy and fell in love with somatic bodywork. Over the next decade, she studied midwifery and worked as a doula, which led her to certification in Holistic Pelvic Care with Tami Kent. Becoming a Biofield Tuning Practitioner is her latest journey into the search for what can help each person bring about long lasting, positive change. Shannon has developed Womb Wellness Care which is a combination of Holistic Pelvic Care and Biofield Tuning - bringing the union of somatic bodywork and sound healing to each person, helping them find their own sacred, intuitive voice and rhythm.

Shannon is passionate about helping each person find their potency and prosperity through breath and body awareness. She uses a variety of techniques to help one resolve tension, heal trauma and release limiting physical and emotional blocks. Shannon provides a safe, comfortable and sacred space for healing to unfold and radiance to flourish.

When not at the office, Shannon loves stirring her own creative juices in the kitchen. She balances the art of being mom to two amazing boys, wifey extraordinaire, and her wonderful self. She chooses daily to live from her heart and listen to her root voice, weaving the wild feminine into all she does, remembering to pause and smell the roses.



Nathan's Services:

Therapeutic Deep Tissue

Sound Therapy Energy Balancing

Mobile Retreat

Classes & Ceremonies

Copy of Nathan Tinder | Sacred Living Center

Nathan has a passion for all that is sacred. To him, sacred means all that is natural, whole, and in harmony with creation. He has spent his whole life studying the natural world and learning how to caretake the earth, ourselves, and each other.

In 2015, he opened a new chapter, studying massage therapy with a six-week immersion at Esalen Hot Springs and then completing his training at Harbin Hot Springs and in Ashland, Oregon at the Ashland Institute of Massage. Nathan’s own journey of healing from old football injuries and his extensive wilderness travels have given him a profound strength and compassion for those suffering chronic pain.

Copy of Nathan Tinder | Sacred Living Center

This passion has led him to the understanding that to heal the world, we have to start by healing ourselves. He sees each client as a Sacred creation, whole and capable of healing themselves. As the facilitator of the healing space, he is here to remind us of the power that we have within. He uses a combination of many modalities to soothe the mind and empower the body’s own ultimate wisdom.

Nathan is a Licensed Massage Therapist, Earth Educator, Fire Maker and Tender of the land. He offers a journey into the depths of your own center creating space for healing through a multi-sensory experience.

Nathan believes that activating all of your senses harmonizes the body, mind and spirit, allowing deep relaxation. Working with great strength and soft listening hands, he integrates a combination of styles and techniques including sound therapy, Swedish, Deep Tissue, Myofascial Release and Esalen massage, a whole body nurturing experience using long, integrative strokes and designed to remind the body of its innate intelligence.