Be ready to receive, because PROSPERITY is here for you.

Benefits of Prosperity Tuning:

Break through old patterns:  trauma, chronic illness, addictions, or anything preventing you from aligning with your soul purpose.

Stop Self-Sabotage and break through the glass ceilings, becoming a vibrational match for abundance in all areas of your life.

Clear your system so you can be a magnet for great wealth, health, and love.

Reset and Re-calibrate your nervous system so that you are aligned with abundance, not scarcity.

Activate your highest potential and connect to your true essence.

READY to heal and awaken?

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Prosperity in Your Life

Ultimately, abundance is a feeling of connection, thriving, and living in flow. It’s about connecting with our true nature in harmony with all of nature, which is wildly abundant. In our disconnected culture, we have been made to feel alone, guilty, and energetically impoverished.  As we dissolve this pain body, we attune to our interconnectedness with others and all of life, entering into a flow state in which our needs are abundantly met.

When we think of prosperity, we may find ourselves thinking about tangible items we own or the current balances in our bank accounts.  While finances or material things are the results of a prosperous attitude, they are only a small portion of the bigger picture.

Prosperity is defined as a successful, thriving, or flourishing condition.  We are successful when we navigate our way through challenges or cross something off our to do lists. We flourish when we learn new things or take time for self-care.  We thrive when we let go of beliefs that no longer serve. With this attitude, we find ourselves prosperous and generous in many ways, every day.

When we view the world with gratitude and walk in attunement with our true nature, blessings are revealed.

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Transformation beyond imagination

Prosperity Tuning is based on the modality of Biofield Tuning which gets to the core of our issues by treating them with vibration/electricity.  We are electric beings living in an electromagnetic universe, and we require maintenance. The tuning forks work to create coherence through sound in specific areas of the body which increases energy flow and removes blockages.

Biofield Tuning is a sound therapy method that works with the power of sound and the human biofield for targeted nervous system relaxation, and can help alleviate conditions such as:

  • Anxiety

  • Pain

  • Insomnia

  • PTSD

  • Emotional Overwhelm

  • Digestive issues

  • Adrenal fatigue

  • Feelings of lack

  • Self-sabotage, and more.

Every event, thought pattern, or trauma in one’s life creates an imprint in the biofield, the electromagnetic field around the body. Through tuning sessions, these imprints are cleared and life force is restored. Biofield Tuning is by far the quickest and most effective way to create long lasting change.

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Prosperity Tuning Membership
Coaching, Education, and Deep Energy Healing

Prosperity Tuning serves you through weekly healing sessions where we examine all the blocks in your field that are preventing you from experiencing the abundant life you were meant to live.  Through the use of tuning forks, we discover all the places of dissonance and create coherent sound which improves your overall flow, vitality, and resonance.

Live weekly healing sessions are done at the same time each week with recordings available afterward so members can listen to them as many times as they want. If one is not able to make the live time, listening to the recorded session is just as powerful.  Remote sessions are possible by working in the quantum field, through reading the field with tuning forks and listening for places of dissonance, we’ll stay in these places till the sound is clear showing that the charge has shifted. The body’s innate wisdom uses the sound to “tune itself” and restore coherence.

Membership Duration
With all up-leveling, life transformational work, it rarely happens overnight.  Miraculous and spontaneous healings do happen and we always welcome this. And for most, it takes time, patience and perseverance to make shifts.

You may find that you received great benefit from a few months of tunings and then come back every now and again for a month of maintenance.  Each session will continue to be new and inspired on the particular group dynamics each week. You are welcome to join for one month or many months; it is highly recommended you commit to at least three months to Prosperity Tuning.

Ready to begin your healing journey and activate true wealth in your life?

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Individual Sessions

You may decide you want to dive deeper into your personal journey and schedule one-on-one Biofield Tuning sessions with Shannon.


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What to expect from this kind of healing?

Shannon will include every member in the hologram on the table for healing. All one has to do is intend their hologram be on the healing table for the session.

Biofield Tuning recipients may experience a "detox response" after a session. This is completely normal and means the body is releasing stress and trauma. Generally, these symptoms pass within 1-3 days. You can imagine that everything that was met with resonance is sloughing off. So it is very normal to feel it all up for a few days.

The following are possible symptoms of detox:

  • Fatigue

  • Waves of emotions – crying, being angry, sad

  • Loose stools

  • Exhaustion

  • Headaches and/or dizziness

  • Flu-like symptoms

  • In very rare instances - skin rashes, mucus, fevers, vomiting, excessive thirst

If you are having a detox response from your Biofield Tuning session - especially if it is an extreme response - we highly recommend that you contact us via email We will be able to support you through your detox and determine if a personal session is needed to help move it through.


What happens in a Session:
During an in-person Biofield Tuning session, the client lies fully clothed, face up, on a treatment table (much like a massage table) while the Biofield Tuning practitioner applies the handles of vibrating tuning forks to specific points on the client's body. The practitioner also slowly movies tuning forks over the recipient's body.
**Information about how the call is done, how to receive, need video explaining BT.?***


Clients will feel the difference in the vibration of the tuning forks depending on which spot is being touched. They will also hear how the sound of the tuning fork changes depending on where the fork is held over the body.

The practitioner works towards the body starting from about 5-6 feet away, listening for "noise" in the "signal" and feeling for a sense of resistance. When they encounter an area of perturbation, they pause.

The introduction of the coherent frequency of the tuning fork into a client's area of incoherence causes the body to “auto-tune” itself, resulting in a resolution of the "noise" and a releasing of the resistance held in relationship to it.

The resistance or charge that was held in that particular area is then dissolved and "swept back" into circulation.

The simple action of treating areas of dissonance in a client's energy field creates targeted and immediate relaxation that can bring resolution to a wide variety of ailments.