Distance Healing Explanation

Distance healing is a way of offering healing when the practitioner and client are not in the same physical space or even a few feet away from each other. You may also hear terms such as distant treatment, remote treatment, or distance energy healing to name a few. It can look a lot of different ways and many of these practices of connecting energetically come from ancient spiritual traditions. 

Most of us are familiar with and understand the idea of sending or offering prayers to those who are ill or suffering or sending good energy or loving kindness to others. Sometimes this is for the purpose of very specific healing and sometimes it’s to hold a larger space and intention for someone when they are going through something difficult. 

Distance healing is much more focused and specific and when it’s in the context of a client-practitioner relationship, there is a specific intention involved that has been brought forward by the client.  

You may wonder how this exactly works…

We are all made up of energy vibrating at different frequencies, which means we can influence each other’s energy with intention. When we can see and feel ourselves as more than our bodies and realize that we are also electrical, magnetic, and energetic beings, it’s much easier to imagine how all this works. And though we can’t ‘see’ how the internet or cell phones work, we know they do! 

When someone has the ability to focus and work intuitively with energy, healing occurs when the practitioner directs their focused intention to shift, change, or transform the energetic vibrations of another with the intention of bringing in more balance and harmony.  

Most of us have experienced the scenario of thinking of someone at the same time they are thinking of us or we’ve thought of something and it’s happened within moments. Someone offering distance healing can sense the presence of their client’s energy field in a similar way using intention and their ability to tap into feelings and experiences through a variety of different modalities and methods.

How does this look?

The practitioner is committed to being a clear channel or conduit of energy in order to conduct these sessions with integrity. The client or receiver must have given consent for the distance treatment.  

There are different ways this can look:

  • practitioner and client are on the phone or video chat at the same time  

  • practitioner designates a specific time where the client will receive healing and can send notes, impressions or follow up suggestions after the session 

  • practitioner can also offer healing to a group who are connected through the phone/internet or have been informed that they will receive the healing at a particular time

Through sensing into the client’s system, the practitioner is able to tap into their energy just as they would if the person was there in front of them. Practitioners may even move their hands as if they are moving them over the physical body of a client stopping at certain areas to collect information, unblock or move energy related to stuck emotions, past life or ancestral trauma, or receive messages from the guides or any ancestors that are connected to the client. They may also use other instruments such as tuning forks to help move energy as well. 

What about space and time?

Time is not a linear event though that is how we tend to think about it. We see time and space as fixed concepts, but this is not the full truth! Quantum physics has revealed that time is fluid and moves forwards and backwards. Even when we work on something in the present moment, we have the ability to impact the future and past. The incredible benefit of being able to transcend space and time through distance healing is that we have the capacity to bring awareness to, heal and clear stories and wounds from the past, which in turn, impacts the future. 


The impact is as potent as when the practitioner and client are in a room together. Because energy follows attention, the intention and focus of the practitioner is so important. The healing can be thought of as a transmission of energy or the practitioner sending or intending positive, therapeutic energy in the direction of the receiver.