Biofield Tuning


Biofield Tuning is a method that uses sound therapeutically on and around the body for targeted nervous system relaxation. Every event, thought pattern, trauma in one’s life creates an imprint in the biofield, the electromagnetic field around the body. Through tuning sessions, these imprints, which create drag to the system, are cleared and life force restored to the person.

These sessions are for anyone wanting to break through old patterns, trauma, chronic pain, chronic illness, addictions, or anything known or unknown preventing one from aligning with their soul purpose. Sessions are done in person or distance, as well Shannon offers Prosperity Tuning Monthly Membership which are weekly group tuning sessions done remotely.

Biofield Tuning are clothed 70 minute sessions on the massage table.


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Eileen Day McKusick, creator of Biofield Tuning

It has really been a gift working with Shannon. She introduced me to sound healing. Since she’s been offering Biofield Tuning Group sessions, I’ve taken every opportunity to be in them. During the Prosperity Group session, I experienced different sensations, and actually saw some colors which is new for me. Afterwards I was incredibly energized, had some “aha” moments of clarity and creativity, and a real confidence that the universe is supporting me. I have experienced much in my life, and the leftovers from these experiences can create a real drag on one’s energy and creativity. I feel that Biofield Tuning has been eliminating my drag, and I am looking forward to continuing my growth with Shannon’s help. The growth I have seen in her has also inspired me. I would highly recommend this work.
— Cynthia